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Do you keep a running list, either written or mental- of what you want to do “someday” and “if I (fill in the blank with whatever applies).”  Well, I love lists and have been known to have a few of these kinds of lists at the ready at all times. About 15 years ago, my best friend gut punched me when she laughed at one of the items on my list: Read all of the books in my library. Obviously we are no longer on speaking terms.

No but really, why do we make lists if we don’t plan to do/achieve/complete the items on them? Are we all united by a common paralysis? Will I ever write children’s books, and will they become best sellers so I can buy my kids a trampoline? (Seriously, the price of those things!!) I want to believe I will achieve the things on my list, but I also want to believe I can fly so I acknowledge that I may not be the most objective one to make that determination. I do know that I often add to my lists more than subtract. And honestly, I am okay with that. Maybe it means I can never be bored because I have a ready made list of things I want to do. Nor do I have to remember or feel connected to all that I am passionate about in the daily grind of life. It is all there: my interests, my passions, my heart, my self expression. All on my lists, waiting for me to choose when and where to engage, complete and share them.

I wonder what I will do next.

~Always peace and love,


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