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Between the pandemic and politics, there is quite a bit of negativity being put into the universe. It’s all so overwhelming and heavy. But instead of letting it weigh me down, I’ve decided to change the narrative in my world and instead, grow some goodness!

That’s right! I am going to try my two hammerhead thumbs at gardening. Or at the very least, I’m researching it for when I finally get around to doing it.

If you’d like to dig in with me, please read on. Unless you plan to till a large plot to garden. Then this post probably won’t offer much insight! I’m a beginner gardener, so I’m starting this spring with a smaller project to see how we fare — both me and the produce.

I recently bought a few Garden-in-a-Bags from an online boutique. According to the company website, you can grow fresh herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruit in a windowsill or any sunny spot indoors year round directly in the leak proof bag. Sounds fool proof, amirite? I’ll have to let you know how it goes once I receive them but if you want to try them, you can find them here!

If you want to enjoy fresh produce but don’t want to get your hands dirty just yet — check out the Tower Garden. According to the online description, it doesn’t require soil (what?) and will take care of (get this) itself after the initial setup. Tower Garden is an advanced form of hydroponics, aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment instead of soil. I’ll be honest, I quickly skimmed the Tower Garden website but from what I gather, you can order this product and pay in installments.

I plan to buy or build a raised garden bed, so if you have any ideas, tips or tricks, send them my way! But I’ll be honest, I have some reservations. I’m not a critter person. And while I know the bountiful benefits of a garden, I do worry about the animals I do not want it to attract. I do not want a coyote or bobcat coming to check out my backyard experimentation! (Do they even eat fruits and vegetables?!?!)

If you, too, want to keep away unwanted animals or you just don’t have the space to put something together for this year, you may want to consider a community garden. Here in Arlington, Texas, you can rent a plot. The cost is minimal and includes the plot, water, and basic gardening tools as well as compost and rain harvesting stage areas. The City asks that gardeners donate a portion of their produce to Mission Arlington. This is a great option for beginners who want to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor but don’t want to fully commit AND you are helping the community. Now that is truly, growing some goodness.

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