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When I was a kid, I was in love with going over to my fun friends house- they had 3 kids and their mom was the ULTIMATE prankster. She even had a moonie doll in the back of her suburban. It was all fun and games so long as you cleaned the mess up. We were perpetually causing low grade trouble and being general bothers to her brothers.

I admit that my natural state is to NOT prank now that I’m an old lady. A funny thing about life, though, is that Amelia makes me young and more fun than I am in my natural state, and Amelia says we’re celebrating April fools, so…. I’m celebrating April fools.

In case you’re jonesing for ideas for next week…. We have put together three harmless options for you to prank your roomies, children, spouses, whomever.

Option 1: Confetti on the fan

This is so simple, and if you whip up your own confetti, clean up is a snap. I just grabbed some multi colored gift tissue and cut it into large-ish squares.


Option 2: Bubble Wrap under your carpet

This is literally as easy as saving some big bubble wrap and sliding it under your carpet. The bigger the bubble wrap, the louder the pops. The kids though this was so funny.

…..think of it as a high class whopee cushion.

And I TOTALLY Saved the Best for last.

Option 3: Vegetable Donuts

Oh man, this was literally SO FUNNY. I proclaimed to the kids that I would BRB, I was headed out to get some breakfast, no you cannot come with me, and away I went. On my way out the door, I grabbed a pile of raw vegetables that I had procured from the store the day prior.

I drove through the Krispy Kreme drive through and grabbed a dozen donuts and asked for an extra box. In my mind, they weren’t going to be ‘OK’ with giving me an extra empty, but they were totally willing.

When I got home, I dumped all of my veg into the empty box, left the full donut box in the car, and carried it in.

I slung that baby down on the table and told them to DIG IN…..

The youngest was the most crestfallen when she saw celery staring back at her, but honestly this prank was funny and a total win because in the 90 seconds I took to run out to my car, the kids all were munching on veggies and they giggled about the prank. They also took those 90 seconds to make up some pranks of their very own….

April fools, apparently all the fun parents are doing it, so whaddayasay?

Got an excellent prank idea? Tell us about it!

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