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……Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking about BUNNIES.

We’re a bunny family here. All of my kids have stuffed bunnies, but the most special bunny at this house is my oldest son’s bunny- I still vividly remember when I bought it for him. I spotted it across the store and it was like a moth to a flame, but when I picked it up it was THE SOFTEST bunny, and it’s blue accents were just the perfect color blue. Henry fell in love with that bunny when he was about two and somewhere after that, he dubbed him Pedro.

Pedro has been some places, and as you can see he is VERY loved.

Since I recently discovered the joy of door decorations, I decided to see if I could find a bunny, because the World should know that WE are a bunny family.

I found Two paintable options from Michaels. The large bunny is a perfect size for a door hanger, and I thought: Self, you could totally glue the second smaller bunny baby to it and make a Such Pretty Faces Original!

Step one: Lay your base coats of acrylic paint down. On the big bunny, I outlined it with dots, because I feel like polka dots are so springy. I have a secret to perfect polka dot painting, but you can’t tell anyone about it because it’s a secret. Behold, my secret magic tools. I originally got the aforementioned tools for all of my rock painting tools, but honestly they’re infinitely useful and I am now of the opinion that they should be in every crafters tool box.

For the little bunny, I let the flowers and cute tail stand alone and painted it with coordinating colors but I did find that filling the center hole of the flower was best done with T Shirt Puff paint.

Next up: Once your bunnies are adequately dry, grab some wood glue and place your bunny. Use something to weigh the bunnies down and help the glue set up. It’s important to give this several hours to set before you hit it with your clear coat and hang it on your door.

Once you spray it with a UV base clear coat, you’re ready to Decor your door!

Spring is here, the Sun is out, so honestly- get your bunns out.

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