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Hello readers of all types, especially those who found this post by mistake. Welcome. Let’s talk about secret indulgences this time around….

For me it is things like hearing Ja Rule feat. Ashanti’s song “Always on Time” on the radio while riding solo in my whip (aka minivan), or quickly consuming handfuls of chocolate chips with my entire head and torso stuck deep inside the pantry closet so no one sees and thus I do not have to share. These secret indulgences are fleeting, few and far between and YET they are energizing aren’t they?

I have pure exhilaration when I can keeping something “private” or am in a space where I can just be/do what I want without input from another (pets included). And yes it can be addicting and the first step is admitting you have a problem etc etc, but let’s keep all of that to the side for now.

In this moment, let’s just rock out like we don’t have a care in the world, and indulge (ok maybe gorge ourselves) on the external whatever that is gone as magically as it has appeared. ‘Cuz those are some kick ass times, aren’t they?

~ Always Peace & Love,


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