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I am a lady of many phases, similar to the moon.

Only, my phases more involve my interests waxing and waning and not really planetary movement. I’m rambling. I do that. This much about me is not a phase.

Recently, I decided that I should really figure out how to pour my very own bees wax candles- this was an obvious necessity because (1) I like candles and (2) sometimes the ones I buy from the store give me a headache and (3) I have a lot of essential oils that could be useful here.

I found this kit on Amazon that allegedly had all of the items I needed. From there I set to work on eating glass jar yogurt. (While I was eating all of the delicious French yogurt, I discovered the brand La Fermiere and let me tell you- this is 5 stars outrageously good).

I discovered that these little bees wax melts melt down to about half of the volume they are when they’re dots. I measured what I needed by using my jars and scooping two scoops of pellets and dumping them into my pot. (Pro Tip, reserve 1/5 of the melts for later, we’ll get to that) Once they were melted, I scooped about 2 T. worth of coconut oil, dripped 50 drops of orange essential oil into the coconut oil, and mixed that into the melted bees wax. The reason for this is that apparently bees wax isn’t the greatest scent carrier.

WHY AM I USING BEES WAX, then? Because the allegation amongst the hippie community is that bees wax cleans the air, duh. Keep up with the hippie times.

Now, add your wax beads into the really hot wax and stir stir stir stir until they’re all melted. You’re doing this to cool the wax some to prevent candle tunneling. Will you die if your candles tunnel? No. But you’ll have to take extra steps, which is so lame.

The kit had these little wick holders which is neat- but you could also use some macguyver skills and make it work. Make sure your wicks are glued to the bottom of the jar, and then pour the wax in!

Now, we wait!

The end results, a lovely candle with no artificial fragrance!

One thought on “A Bee in my Bonnet and the subsequent candles

  1. Tim Gette says:

    I want one!

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