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Carrots are the most un vegetable of all of the vegetables. Hear me out. They’re sweet and delicious, they’re not mushy, and I don’t know- maybe it’s just my kids…. but this is the crowd pleasing vegetable choice around here.

We are a member of Stone’s Throw Farm Co’s Buyers Bunch and we got a bevy of tricolor carrots this week, which is JUST PERFECT because I have been wanting to share my two favorite carrot recipes. One is vegan and the other is plain old vegetarian but both are Carrot Fries!

For this recipe, I enlisted my Sous Chef- He’s real good about cutting up my carrots, specifically because he’s actually FAR MORE detail oriented than I am and he feels that root vegetables should be cut very uniformly. If you are a rule follower, you should follow his rule.

We make carrot fries two ways a lot, because, well…. I love Tahini carrot fries and the kids love them with garlic and parmesan. Both recipes are pretty easy. Tahini gives the carrots a really great balance, and they have a very Mediterranean feel.

The garlic parmesan fries are also delicious, but there’s a secret to max deliciousness, and that is to use the shake shelf stable parmesan cheese- which I am traditionally opposed to. In this recipe, however, it just sort of glues to the carrots better.

To take it to the next stratosphere, might I suggest you whip up this super easy yogurt dipping sauce? If you’re vegan, I would recommend you use this cashew milk yogurt in place of dairy yogurt. Word to the wise, don’t mistakenly use vanilla yogurt. Trust me I learned the hard way.

BEHOLD. Carrot Fries. You’ll love them. The kids will love them.

But before you go, can you settle an argument? What does this carrot look like? A decapitated T Rex or a chubby mermaid? Discuss.

Okay, Okay Now you can be dismissed for your carrot making and eating.

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