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Every cloud has a silver lining, and the silver lining of a global pandemic was learning that we are a hiking family. I believe that the entire concept of hiking came from my oldest son, but it quickly caught on like wildfire with everyone.

Quickly, I learned that getting the kids out in nature and moving our body was not only good for our physical health, it was also really good for our relationship building and emotional health. My exercise in hiking is that I am there to follow where the ‘leader’ wants to go- and unless it’s a safety concern, I don’t get involved in where we are going.

If the whole family is on the hike, then we also take turns on who is the leader and, honestly, that is also a really good relationship building skill for them. Sibling relationships are challenging, and finding a safe space for them to work through conflict while moving their bodies has been a total game changer.

The other really great part of hiking? It can be totally free. We use All Trails to find a hiking spot and hop to it! Our favorite location is Fort Worth Nature Center, which has a nominal entry fee but that tends to keep crowds down AND it just so happens to house a natural marshland, which has some of the coolest wildlife in the area.

Hiking has led to bird watching and general nature discovery. we even vacation so as to find better hiking spots. Unbelievable, I know. I’m still NOT camping in a tent, I have some boundaries….. but I do love to find a nice house amongst the trees and really enjoy the sounds of nothingness as a getaway.

Today is a special day, because we are partnering with some friends on Instagram to do a big giveaway of several nature books and even a few toys! Click through to our profile at @suchprettyfaces to get the details and enter!

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