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When I was in the paid workforce, I DREADED Sunday nights because it meant Monday, a work day, was coming faster than I wanted my weekend to be over. As a SAHM, somehow the script has flipped and I get my most energetic and inspired on Sunday nights. Which would *seem* fantastic, however it has become the night when all my ideas are flowing and I want to stay up late to complete them all with the vim and vigor from my 20s, but it is also the night before my “wake at 6am to exercise” routine begins again. The two blissful weekend days allow me to sleep in until my kids wake me up (that’s right, 6:30am if I am lucky) but there is definitely an “eeehh” at knowing how early I make myself get up. Or, most accurately, how early my wife gets up and makes enough noise that I too wake, grumble about sleep vs exercise, and inevitably rise. Oh, and have I mentioned that being a positive force for good in my family and the world is no longer possible if I get less than 7 hours of sleep? So, my energetic Sunday nights fill my mind and soul with hope and excitement, and I wonder how I can also connect to that on nights other than Sunday. The obvious answer is “via ice cream” but that has only added pounds, not time, to my life. As I sit here licking my spoon and digging deeper, I wonder: Could this be the challenge of my 40th year, to maintain a connection to the things that light me up and come alive in me on Sunday nights on other nights of the week?  


Why, yes. I believe it is. Shit just got real. Sunday night just became every night, though ice cream consumption will be on a case by case basis.


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