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Prior to me having children, I picked up my first embroidery project. I ordered a crewel embroidery kit on Ebay that originated in the 1970’s and patiently waited for the delivery to arrive. When it came, my darling and generous friend, Vicki Batman met up with me and gave me a 101 on how to stitch these incredibly overwhelming stitches. She sat patiently with me at a coffee shoppe and showed me how to french knot, how to satin stitch, how to chain stitch and how to every other stitch.

(Sidebar, Vicki Batman is a super fun human who collects purses, writes awesome novels, and voraciously reads and does yoga and jazzercise. Go buy her book.)

Over the course of the next nearly decade, I’d pick up this project and put it down hundreds of times. At a point, I lost the color key and ‘winged’ it. At another point I misplaced the thread and I made a few substitutions.

For whatever reason, it never got put down FOREVER.

If your grandmother did these types of crafts, or if you are a stitcher yourself you will recognize that this is a REALLY aggressive first project. Stupid aggressive, emphasis on stupid…. but I just kept plugging away, and in the end, after thousands of hours- I finally finished my first project.

So with that, I humbly suggest- don’t give up on your wild dreams…. Don’t let go of your impressive goals…. And find yourself a friend who will stop and teach you something new.

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