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People here in the South always have festive doors. Never one to hop on a trend when it’s a trend, my door has always been…. Bland.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a holiday decoration, but prior to this very moment, I was more into toddler sized miniature people to decorate my porch. A witch for Halloween, A Santa for Christmas, etc.

Turns out, I’m the only person who actually wants a toddler sized person decoration, so they’re sort of hard to locate.

Eventually, door envy won out and I decided to try my hand at making one of those festivus placards for St. Patricks day- and I say it turned out pretty cute! To make this, I grabbed these wood circles, Green, White, and Black Paint, painters tape, a paintbrush, wired ribbon, painters tape, and a hot glue gun.

This whole thing will be fully finished with about 20 minutes of work but you have to be patient between drying paint layers. Patience is so lame.

First step: Cover the whole thing in White. This may take two coats, just make sure it’s fully covered and not too streaky.

NEXT UP: Use our shamrock pattern linked at the bottom of this post and draw it out with a pencil on your circle. I eyeballed it, because I’m not into precision.

Now that you have your shape, fill it in with green paint! So easy!

Once completely dry, find some painters tape and tape down some stripes like so:

Place some small dots of black paint and cover your white paint with black to get a good Jail stripe thing going on. Again, not into precision so I just eyeballed it. Hi mom! If you’re reading, please explain to my readers why I don’t like rules and precision in the comment section.

Because I’m a rule breaker, I quickly realized that if you do little dashes of the opposing color in the other stripes you don’t even notice that the second stripe from the top is too small. Neat, huh?

Once it’s try write ‘Lucky’ in your shamrock. I traced it with pencil to make sure that my spacing was right and then I went over it with white and black.

Glue a small loop on the back for hanging and stick a big bow on the front with your wire ribbon, and VIOLA. You have a trendy seasonal front door.

Hooray for festive decor!

One thought on “Festive Doors

  1. LEOwife says:

    Love it! Great idea. I live in the deep south, and you know we like updating our doors and porches! I even change my inside decor for every season & holiday.


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