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I try to make new sensory kits for my kids every month because (1) they’re perpetually at home and this brings them joy (2) because it brings me joy to have them creating stuff and (3) this is a thing that all 3 of my kids can agree on.

The clear choice for March Sensory kits was Saint Patrick’s day- of course- because I like for things to have a theme and because it also gives us a quick opportunity to talk about what St. Patrick’s day even IS- you know, prior to learning about green beer in their college years.

Also an excuse for RAINDOUGH! Raindough is when rainbows and playdough have a baby. I love rainbows. I love playdough, so RAINDOUGH. You can find my Playdough Recipe on this post if you didn’t memorize

I switched up my dough containers and tried these jars to see if I could get more wear out of them, as an added bonus the lids are screw on, and the kids are able to open and close themselves with no struggle.

My accoutrement came from both Dollar Tree and Oriental Trading this time- the Leprechaun Porcupines are my absolute FAVORITES The kit price came in at just above $5 each.

I’m clearly shifting my focus to next month, where I plan to attempt to make a DIY rolling pin!

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