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I sent my first tweet to a celebrity. It was equal parts exhiliaration and totally out of character. What you may not know about me is that I wanted to be a famous singer when I was a kid. I LOVED the idea of being famous. I still do, though in my adult years I have thought I should be famous simply for being:   

  1. laugh out loud funny
  2. profoundly kind
  3. me

While I have YET to make it big, I still hold onto the dream. How does this relate to my first tweet? To clarify, I have zero expectations that it will go viral or alter my life, the celeb’s life or my 14 followers. That was not even my intention when I sent it. If I am being honest, which is what this blog is about for me, my intention in sending it a challenge to me from me. I had a question for the celeb, and I dared myself to tweet her.  I didn’t let fears of “looking stupid” get in the way- I just did it. And I fully expect her to answer someday, and no one could convince me otherwise. Maybe I have become drunk with the power of being a self-made blogger, but telling myself out-loud that I can do things has actually made me more confident that I can. So, I do.

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