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My middle child loves himself a dinosaur. They honestly dominate his thoughts and dreams, and he can think of nothing that he loves more.

He turned 5 this week, and he “only” asked for one thing- he wanted two dinosaur eggs that he could hatch that would turn into a T. Rex and a Stegosaurus with the needed hatching equipment because “his bottom is probably not equipped to sit on an egg for as long as it takes”

Whenever I broached the subject of how I didn’t think this was a possibility, he would say “oh i’m not too worried about it, you’re smart and you can figure this out” before he’d walk off. Case. Closed.

Eventually, I decided that the best case scenario was to ignore is requests completely and delight him in other unexpected ways.

Cue, the partysaurus idea. I honestly think I did this for my oldest son when he was 3 and dinosaur crazy, but maybe I didn’t and I just thought I wanted to.

This is a super easy, super quick craft that is sure to please your little dino lover but you can modify this for any hard plastic toy your kiddo might be into. Supplies are easy to come by, so gather your supplies and gather ’round. All you need is:

To make the hats: Trace out what might be considered ‘three pizza slices’ and cut that out of copy paper. Flip your “Good Side” of the fancy paper down and trace your pattern. Cut those out.

Roll your hat and glue on the seam. Place a dot of hot glue inside of the hat and stuff with a tiny piece of cotton so that you have a way to glue the hat on your dinosaur. Place a dot of hot glue on the cotton and glue to the dinosaurs head. Take a tiny pom pom and place a TINY glue dot on it. Press to the tip of the hat. VIOLA. You’re done!

Party On, T. Rex.

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