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One of the things that I do very well is taking a bath.

I mean, yes, I am a subject matter expert in staying clean. I don’t mean it quite like that, I mean that I have built a self care routine of slipping into the bath and speaking to no one for 20 minutes every single night. It’s almost bath time now, and I cannot wait.

I like to light candles, use the fancy bath stuff, and just become one with the hot water and silence. I cannot say that it is always silent on account of the three young roommates, but I can say that I have absolutely no problem saying “No you cannot touch the water please go find your dad”. NO SHAME. Self Care is important.

One of my very favorite companies, Whipped Up Wonderful, is a woman owned local company that makes delightful bubble taffy, bath bombs, and other glorious products.

Because we’re invested in your self care too, we have a giveaway running on the blog and our socials!

Click through to our profiles and enter! We’d love to see you over there, and we’d love to hear about what you do to take care of yourself!

After all, your most important relationship is unequivocally with yourself.

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