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Have you ever been completely unaware that you were a part of a record-setting moment? Sit back, buckle up and hold on. Unless you are reading this from Wisconsin or Minnesota or Canada, in which case feel free to go to the next blog post.

The city I live in set a record for being the coldest it has EVER been outside a few weeks ago. I brought my kids to school in -9 degrees, and apparently in other parts of my county it reached -18 before shifting towards the positive digit (yes a singular digit was the high). I take no credit for this event, but its occurrence and my lack of awareness of it in the moment reinforces the notion that we do not always know we are in a big moment when we are in it.*

While I was not focused on the cold, ironically I was focused on other elements of the weather- the freshly fallen snow still so perfectly white in every direction that my eye could see, the fullness of the sun shining in an area which has more gray winter days then not, and the hot air balloon flying high above the treetops that my daughter saw from her car window (seriously).  I was fully present in those moments and though they did not set any records, the impact is still every bit as worthy. It won’t make the Guinness Book of World Records, or whatever local almanac my town updates. But my awareness of the space I am taking up in the worId in one of it’s most beautiful moments was one I am grateful not to have missed.

What moment gave you pause this week?

*read this quote/summary in a book written by someone other than me but the exact details escape me. This is not a thinly veiled attempt at excusing plagiarism, it is my confession that the words and sentiment are not mine.

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