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Back before the whole Covid thing happened, when indoor birthday parties were ‘a thing’ and hugs were an acceptable greeting, Amelia’s cute little niecelette turned 2.

She’s a cute little thing, and like all glorious two year olds- she channels her inner boss babe. Always good for a play on words, Amelia came up with a theme- ‘Two Bossy’.

This was put together to host at an indoor play space in Memphis, TN which just goes to show you how well you can dress up a place with a “Few” balloons and some zhoosh.

She used this Pink and white Balloon Strip, a Gold 2 Balloon, and peppered in marbled pink Funky Balloons for the perfect birthday look!

Simple Black and White Striped plates made the table look sophisticated but also perfect for a kids party.

The Gift Bags were a stroke of creative genius, if I don’t say so myself, and Amelia just printed out the logos and affixed them to plain paper bags with tissue paper stuffed inside.

Can you even with how cute these party favors are? A quick dress up of Black Gift Bags with Gold Gift Tissue is the literal cutest party favor I’ve ever seen.

The whole room: It just screams A M B I A N C E.

Do you have a Two bossy girl in your life?

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