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Breakfast is, hands down, my very favorite meal of the day. I’ve probably said that before.

My middle child actually doesn’t much care for breakfast- he likes a ‘midnight snack’ that he eats when he wakes up in the morning before the sun comes up, but if he had his way he’d eat his cheese stick before the rooster crows and move right along to lunch time.

In this instance, these recipes have my favorite kitchen tool in common- and that is my beloved trusty hand blender. This guy gets no days off, I use it, coupled with my wide mouth quart sized mixing jars, every single day.

Back to my middle child, he has only two exceptions to his no breakfast rule, and one of them is Dutch Babies.

They look fancy, but they’re not hard to make at all, You literally dump the ingredients together, whip them together with an immersion blender or a hand mixer, pour them in a cast iron skillet, and Viola.

There is a restaurant in Fort Worth that makes really good Dutch Babies, but their wait is always well over an hour, and with three kids in tow i’m legitimately not about that life even in the times pre Covid.

Once the baby comes out of the oven, you squeeze lemon juice all over it and dust it with powdered sugar. Do not blink or your family will eat it all. This is such a concern in my home that I make 2.

Do I eat dutch babies every day? I WISH. My weekday go to breakfast is a quick Protein Breakfast Shake.

I recently came across Olly Plant Protein powder, and the packaging is genius (the scoop sits on the lid) and it tastes pretty darn good. (Obviously, this isn’t a sponsored post)

I mix my protein powder with banana, zuchini, strawberries, and water. I dump it all in my beloved jar and whir it up. The whole process can be completed in less than 3 minutes. It’s SO easy. It’s SO delicious. It’s SO vegan.

It’s honestly kind of weird to even make it into a recipe.

I’m thankful to be back home and getting back in the swing of my breakfast routine after the Texas Blizzard that was NOT ice cream.

What is your morning routine that you can’t live without?

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