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My co-conspirator, Amelia, is a solid decade younger than me. This, coupled with everything that puts us on opposite ends of the spectrum is one of the unexpected delights of my life. Amelia is a Millennial and I was born in a time that the internet truly did not exist.

Just yesterday, we were shooting the breeze when I very seriously asked her “HAVE YOU SEEN THE FACTS OF LIFE?” I went on to share with her that the theme song to The Facts of Life is filled with sage life advice and she had to watch it.

Photo Courtesy of IMDB

She retorted with “Have YOU seen Reba?” She went on to tell ME that THIS theme song was filled with sage life advice and *I* had to watch it.

Photo courtesy of

As such, we have commenced with our television assignments for a deep dive discussion to take place at a later date.

It’s never good to embark on learnings alone, so ’twas the obvious solution to bring this to our dear readers- We’re here to kindly ask you to watch both and discuss. The Facts of Life can be found free on the Roku channel and Reba- season 1 is on Hulu.

While we were talking about television, the conversation obviously turned to snacks. My favorite TV snack is Jello. I love it. I especially love it with whipped cream on top. I’m not defending my position, but I recognize that it’s a really weird choice.

Amelia loves wheat thins, cream cheese, and pepper jelly.

Level with us…..

  1. Whose snack is weirder?
  2. What is your go to television snack?
  3. What is your go to vintage TV show and why?


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