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One of my favorite humans on the planet whom I want to lovingly tell you will out hippy virtually everyone you’ve ever encountered has a beautiful little vessel called a ‘Gimme Jar’.

The general idea is that you say “Gimme Something Good” and grab a piece of paper for a positive word, or something to make you smile.

Recently, another one of my dear friends got her ass kicked by life. Like… Really kicked. I decided: Sis could use a Gimme Jar filled with things to remind her of her general bad assery, but not like… Toxically Positive?

Empowering, but with no promises of sunshine just being around the corner? It appeared that I was the only person who was looking for this exact item, so obviously I made my own thing. I created little strips of paper with words of affirmation that are easy to print on normal boring paper- my own spin on a gimme jar.

One of the templates is pre-filled with words of affirmation, and the other printable is blank for you to write your very own things! Folding the little papers into stars is a thing that is leftover in my brain from 1987 and it’s really time we bring back note folding, don’t you think? When I was trying to explain this to my millennial bestie she blankly stared at me but after a few lessons, she caught on and made this video for us! Because, I guess, if you weren’t born in the 80’s or before, paper folding is a lost art. How sad.

I also ordered this super cute Jar on Amazon but because of the Texas Blizzard it’s lost in transit, so I made my own with a jelly jar. I painted the inside with gold craft paint and covered the lid with some leftover Leopard craft leather I had lying around- but honestly, any jar will do.

AND SO. Such Pretty Faces spin on a Gimme Jar is born! Perfect for funsies, or for your girlfriend who has just been served a shit sandwich.

PS- If you’re reading this- please know that I totally think you’re better than sweatpants- which is me saying I really think you are swell.

One thought on “Gimme Something Good

  1. Jennifer says:

    Gonna have to try this!


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