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At some point over the last several months, my boys came downstairs and announced that they were sharing a room. Honestly we would have probably told them ‘no’ because we anticipated it would be wild but they’d moved all of their earthly possessions into one room and it was basically a done deal.

I didn’t figure that it would last, but it turns out, everyone was sleeping better and it was actually JUST fine. At some point, the boys migrated from the room with two conventional beds to the room with one bed and put a mattress on the floor, leaving the most boring bedroom empty- this has always been the most ho hum room of the house, the view is mediocre, the window is unimpressive, and every room in this house is still builder grade grey but this particular room and window combo made the room just extra blah.

At some point after the second move, I began to ponder moving my daughter into the empty bedroom, which would allow me to move my office upstairs, solving for one of the big storage issues I have in this house (my craft supplies just don’t fit in the conventional study sized closet) AND allowing me to have an office with a balcony.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. The more I liked the idea, the plans began to take shape. I told my darling husband about my plans and he smartly was like “sure” and didn’t really make eye contact.

Last weekend I set forth to transform the space. My first move was to paint the room and ceiling. I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that i’m not really ‘into’ grey paint, and I’m definitely not all that jazzed about a ceiling the same color as the walls. Turns out, I was right.

I settled on Rosy Outlook by Sherwin Williams and Eminence Ceiling Paint for the ceiling, Our walls SUCK UP THE PAINT, so this took 1.5 gallons of ceiling paint and 2.5 gallons of wall paint.

I decided that rather than cutting in the edges of the room at the ceiling line, I’d MUCH RATHER install crown molding. We had some in the garage and obviously that was the easier choice. This was true and false, as it required us (hubby) to drag a giant saw up the stairs.

As you can see, I really love sawdust.

The paint change made this room go from my least favorite room to my favorite room in the house.

We have a few things left to add, including curtains and a couple of photos above her bed, but all in all the change is a dramatic improvement and I am SO happy I took this project on.

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