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Prior to my friendship with the mastermind behind SPF, I had never heard of subscription boxes. My expansive knowledge of subscription anything included “magazine subscriptions” and ….. (well, let’s move on).

But for Christmas last year, we received a subscription (as well as gave one) to the company KiWi Crates. I am not a paid promotor for them, but I am volunteer hype mom because these are AMAZING. They have different product lines available based on your kids ages or interests, and they are all.on.point. 

They eliminate the need for me to be creative and keep the kids entertained on Groundhog Day #324 (#shoutouttoCovid) at least for an hour.  Both of those things are a huge win and I encourage everyone to check them out! 

Needless to say, my point of view has changed from “huh” to “Kiwi Crates, where have you been all my parenting life??”

~ Always Peace & Love, K

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