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In our house, we have a value that we try to embody of learning about different cultures.

We are very lucky to have a friend who celebrates, as she calls it, the Chinese New Year. Because we are not of Chinese descent and also not able to in person celebrate with her this year due to Covid, we are referring to it as The Lunar New Year.

We’re so lucky to have someone who is willing to share her traditions and knowledge with us! We’ve got marching orders

  • We are to eat a whole piece of seafood on Friday night
  • No hair cutting to preserve our luck
  • Do NOT wash laundry (Twist My arm)
  • Clean the house from top to bottom (Now, you’ll really have to twist my arm… For real)

Together, we are learning about the year of the Ox, talking about The Lunar New Year, and reading more about the Lunar New Year with this newly purchased book.

I’ve also made a coloring sheet, good for adults and kids, to color and thought I would share it with you here! My oldest child is more “artsy” than coloring sheets allow for, so I actually use coloring sheets as guides and talk about positional drawing terms to help him make his art- I think our collaboration on our Ox has the perfect Texas Flare!

To those celebrating, Gung Hay Fat Choy!

We’d love to see what you color- tag us on either of our social media accounts!

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