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Last week was a big week in my life- mainly because I got to watch one of my dear friends adopt her daughters after a 3.5 year wait. It was an incredible moment, and it was just so heartwarming. After the adoption, which I cried ALL THE WAY through, a few of the people on the case spoke and they mentioned how touching it was to be a part of the case and how this case made them a better professional.

Even though I am incredibly close to this friend, it hit me in that moment that actually I know nothing about the gritty details of the case. This realization was followed closely by an overwhelming pride in my friend for honoring her own boundaries and the boundaries of the people involved in it.

That same day, I logged on to social media and in one 5 minute scroll I noticed this unusual trend of people proclaiming that they had received a vaccine for Covid-19, and various people in the comments section asking why they had received it.

It may be because I work in healthcare, but it struck me as absolutely insane that people are asking for an acquaintances protected health information on Facebook.

Just a few days later, I listened to this podcast by A Beautiful Mess where one of the founders talks about her upbringing in and departure from the Evangelical Church. She talks about how the institution harmed her, but in it she did NOT talk about the death of her first marriage. She simply said ‘I’m not talking about this’.

Sometimes, it’s very hard to ignore the subtle cues of the Universe when it’s proverbially whacking you over the head with a lesson.

I may quite literally have 25 DIY projects going at any one time, but the biggest one- even bigger than my children and my marriage and my relationships- is me.

Boundaries, Finding Purpose, Being a good mom and wife, Loving myself well so I can love others well…. all things I hope to curate in this one wild life of mine- and all things I hope to speak openly, but with boundaries, about here.

We are all our own biggest DIY project.

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