Such Pretty Faces

A Space to Relate and Create

I had been planning to write more of a “light hearted” post this week but the universe had other plans. This week we gained some family members and lost a matriarch.

The timing really is extraordinary and (I believe) intentionally planned by energies we cannot see, only feel. In allowing for people to share the extreme highs and lows of life together, we are able to experience the best (or the worst) of each other.

Families, whether by blood or by choosing, provide an opportunity to go through life knowing we are not alone, and that is a powerful gift if we choose to receive it.

As we have all endured (at various levels) the disconnection that living in the Covid- era, it is more important than ever to reach out to your tribe and take a breath of mutual connection. We get one trip around the sun, one full circle of life.

Every moment counts.

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