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Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Delivered!

Everyone loves an adult lunchable, don’t they? Better yet, VALENTINE’S (themed) CHARCUTERIE. DELIVERED. I know, I know, your mind is actually blown now. Yup, it’s not even Christmas and you can deliver gifts of pure love: CHEESE, CHOCOLATE, CHEESE, CRACKERS, CHEESE, FRUITS, AND MORE…

For your enjoyment, I’ve compiled a few ideas to make your Valentine Charcuterie Divine:

Pepper Jelly and Cream Cheese + Wheat Thins

Chocolate Covered Strawberry + Sprinkles

Strawberries + Rasberries + Nutella + Sprinkles + Pretzel Chips

Aged Cheddar + Hard Salami

Harvarti Cheese + Honey+ Walnuts + Water Crackers

Prosciutto Panino

Reeses Hearts

Chocolate Hearts

Red Hot Lips

Candy Hearts

Silicon Heart Cupcake Molds

Heart Toothpicks

Baker Boxes

Paper Heart Doilies

To Assemble these boxes, you really can’t go wrong. I like to mix sweet and savory all in one box- because it’s totally underrated to pair a nice cheddar with a candy heart. This is the perfect holiday to give it a whirl if you haven’t before!

Believe me when I tell you- a ring and run charcuterie drop is the very best way to say I Love You.

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