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My Grandmother, Francie, lived 4 hours away by car, and because I am 80’s vintage we grew up in a time that you still paid by the minute for long distance calls and there was no such thing as email. The 80’s were charming like that. Even though we saw her most every month, she also made us feel special by sending cards and notes to us when we weren’t together. Grandmothers are so good about creating special everyday magic, aren’t they?

Every single card she sent, she signed it the exact same way- (eyeball) (Heart)(You). It has made it’s way to be a family tradition. It’s how my Mom signs cards for my kids and it’s also how I sign their correspondences too.

When I was thinking up crafts I wanted to make for Valentine’s Week on my little blog- I knew I wanted to take this opportunity to make an Eyeball Heart You dishtowel for my mom. (Hi Mom! Surprise!)

My mom is particular about dishtowels, but for this project her preferred towel is also the best for embroidery project. I purchased these Hearth and Home Dish Towels for this project because I liked the aesthetic of the towel.

In order to transfer the pattern, you’ll also need A Transfer Pen.

And of course, I made you a little pattern. I have made the pattern both mirrored and ‘normal’. If you’re using the pattern as a guide, you can use the unmirrored one, but the easiest way to get the pattern onto your project is to trace it with the transfer pen and iron.

And behold! Here is the completed project! I love the way it turned out! These are standard crewel stitches, I used a basketweave technichue, a chain stitch, and an outline stitch. My favorite go to stitch library is from DMC .

What say ye, my pretty faces? Should we do some virtual stitch-n-b*+Ch tutorials?

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    Love this!

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