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Sometimes, those weird internet ads just ‘Get you’. Now is a really good time to say modern technology is really actually very weird. I digress. A few weeks ago, an ad for a “Uncoloring Book” book popped up and I thought it was totally GENIUS.

To be honest, I may have bought it on the spot except for I’m not the adult coloring book type, but if THAT had been a deck of postcards: It would have been in my cart and at my door in 35 seconds flat. And then, naturally, I thought “EUREKA” I’ll make my own!

I love to watercolor, but I don’t always love to get my paint tubes out and set up a whole ‘situation’ and share all of my lovely paints with my kids. My kids are also refined little creatures and only like ‘quality’ art supplies (It’s Genetic). Finding the delicate balance of quality art supplies and things I’m willing to share is sometimes hard BUT I ended up finding this great set and I have been really pleased with the quality of pigment and the easy clean up.

For this project I used postcard sized watercolor paper and covered the entire page with plain water. Once the paper was wet corner to corner, I applied reds pinks and purples in what can only be described as a ‘willy nilly’ style.

It’s important to wet the paper before you start painting so you can achieve the desired ‘tie dye’ effect.

Make sure to cover your postcard entirely- don’t forget the edges!

Once you get your paint applied, wait a minute and the lay a paper towel over the postcard and lift directly up (Blot, not rub).

You should have a lovely watercolor tie dye postcard. Make sure to let it dry completely.

NOW the fun begins! Take a thin line permanent and freestyle whatever you see. Not super artsy? Try some simple hearts. This is your canvas to be creative.

I love to look at other people’s doodles, so consequentially, I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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