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I am a voracious reader. I love books and the way they smell and the way they take you away to other worlds and the way they open your mind and horizons to new ideas and worlds.

I think that when you spend enough time with books, you run the risk of developing some very weird book quirks. I certainly did, and I am here to confess every one of them right here.

  • When books come home to live with me, they no longer need to be so formal and wear a jacket inside. They can be ‘au natural’ and since they do not have hands I help them to remove their Jacket. What I’m saying is this: You can tell which books I have read because before I really even get to page 2 I remove their jacket and throw it in the trash where it belongs. I hate book jackets. So formal.
  • I love nothing more than to read a book and then find the movie that was made from the book and watch the movie and complain about how they missed the best parts or the essence or didn’t build the characters like *I* thought they should. (This, my friends, is a run on sentence. And the whole act with which I described is a run on activity. Ask James. He will vouch for the nuttiness in which I execute on this hobby)
  • I love. love. love. to find a new author I knew nothing about and then VORACIOUSLY rip through their collection and draw comparisons on the books they’ve written, their writing style, and their main characters.
  • I will read any genre but I am partial to Romantic Comedy type books, especially in 2020.

Several months ago, I noticed there was a new Netflix movie that looked worthy of a watch called ‘The Lost Husband’ AND what luck! It said that it was based off of a book by Author Katherine Center! IMMEDIATELY I bolted to my library app and found the book and began to read it. Katherine (because any author I really decide I love gets referred to as if we’re friends) has a tremendous talent for building out characters between her pages in a three dimensional way. Her characters are just so joyful, and her books are like warm pajamas on a cold day which is to say they’re cozy and feel good and just EXACTLY what I needed when I found them.

At the exact same time that I checked out ‘The Lost Husband’, my favorite local indie book shop suggested I buy one of her books. Within a month’s time, I had purchased and read all of her available stock.

If you like feel good reads with well developed characters, Katherine Center is your girl. Things You Save in a Fire is my favorite- click the link to purchase, or even better, find it at your local bookseller!

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