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I will never forget the day that my path fortuitously crossed with a Musgrave Pencil. It was on one of my ‘travel to buy books at an indie bookstore’ adventures with my beloved friend, Kim. Kim is an excellent listener and has a true gift for gift giving. She had listened to me talk about how really, truly, my writing apparatus of choice is a wood pencil.

While we were at Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN she spotted this beautiful box of yellow pencils which had been labeled with ‘ Parnassus Books’ and when we left the bookstore, she surprised me with a box of them. That was almost two years ago and since that day I have coveted those specific pencils. The lead is unbreakable, but it responds to a very gentle touch, the eraser is glorious, and… I know this sounds crazy, but that yellow pencil is a work of art. It significantly out performs that brand that shall not be named that the teachers all request every August. Tag your teacher friends and tell them that I said I have found a New better pencil on the block. They should know.

A few weeks ago, Parnassus Books posted the maker of their pencils- Musgrave Pencil. I IMMEDIATELY went on a cyber mission to find and buy and GUESS WHAT they have?!? A Variety Pack! My Pencil loving heart died twice and revived thrice!

I immediately ordered the variety pack, and it shipped with lightening speed and was at my door WITH (bestill my heart) a hand written note WRITTEN IN PENCIL thanking me for the order.

A little geeky pencil trivia for you- These glorious pencils are made in Tennessee with American made everything. Their story on their website is precious and I want Netflix to turn it into a movie.

Pencils are easily the most versatile and heavily used item in my extensive craft collection. I use them to transfer embroidery patterns to my projects, I sketch before I paint, I write directly on my computer with them (Wipes right off like a dry erase board), I use them as a rough measuring tool, and I even use them to draw straight lines. Legitimate Pencil Freak waving her freak flag right here.

BUT GUESS WHAT?!? There’s more! Musgrave pencils sent me two extra pencil’s to share and I’m going to do that with one of you!

The Giveaway: Two of my beloved Musgrave Pencils and Two of my Favorite Cards from The Girls Just Sayin

To Enter: Follow Such Pretty Faces on Instagram or Facebook and tag a pencil or stationery lover. Extra entry for sharing about Such Pretty Faces to your social media. Winner will win two Musgrave pencils and a beautiful letterpress card from Idlewild Co. Giveaway closes January 29, 2021.

One thought on “The Smell of a freshly sharpened pencil

  1. Dave says:

    Musgrave pencils are awesome! Their Tennessee Reds are filled with so much Cedar Awesomeness! The 600s are fun for writing postcards as long as the paper isn’t coated.

    Liked by 1 person

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