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I’m basically a Valentine’s baby, which means that Valentine’s Day clearly steals my heart as the very best holiday every year! I love to love on everybody with teacher gifts, cute valentines for all of my friends, and inserting myself as room mom, even if I’m not, to throw the most outrageous parties at my kid’s school.

I’m not crazy at all. Promise.

This is a look at my 2020 party that I threw for my then freshly minted 4 year old son. Little did we know that this would be the last party of that school year!

My kids attend preschool in a church building that is straight out of 1975, so I’m always looking for ways to make the room infinitely cuter than it normally is. Also, our preschool doesn’t allow latex balloons, so foil balloons worked for two causes- to beautify in the name of party decor, and party favors as each child left.

These Heart Balloons and Pizza Balloons made the whole place feel like a Valentines Pizza Extravaganza. The Dessert Table Cloth was also a great find- and added bonus, it SHINES! I created the Fringe Back Drop with a simple Tablecloth roll + fence netting + an $8.00 garment wrack from Walmart. Like and Comment if you would like a backdrop tutorial soon!

The table decor consisted of a table runner from butcher paper, printables from @themomwithwine, plates, and necklaces. Each kid had a pizza necklace with different shapes. This was an easy way to break the kids into rotating groups for their crafts.

I was able to order these cute plates off of amazon!

Here’s a link to some really adorable Pizza Party Plates– It is with great sadness that I share with you that the plates we used last year have been discontinued, but these will do the trick!

The Table Runner was easy and fun and fast to clean up. I simply used Butcher Paper and an oversized Sharpie to create X’s and O’s.

As a takehome craft, we made these ADORABLE gifts for the kids to take home to their parents, I found the heart frames at Walmart and prepped them ahead of time. On the day of the party, the kids added heart thumb prints and OF COURSE, we wrapped them in pizza boxes!

We scored these Pizza Boxes on Amazon and they really added a lot of fun to our little party!

My kids love dress up clothes, so I decided to add a DIY apron paint project. I found this Apron Set and away we went. In order to reduce the chaos, I prepped a paint plate and sponge for every child so it was slightly less crazy.

At the last minute, I decided to do a new take on pin the tail on the donkey, Pizza my heart style! I added some cheap Dollar Store stickers and away we went! This was a big hit with the 4 year old crowd.

Do you love Valentine’s Day? Hate Valentine’s Day? Love to Hate Valentine’s Day? Tell me all about it in the comments! If you’ve got requests for tutorials, we’d love to hear that too!

2 thoughts on “You’ve Got a ‘PIZZA’ My Heart!

  1. Milissa Romero says:

    Too cute!!!! Live it! You are so creative!


    1. Milissa Romero says:

      Would love to see the backdrop tutorial


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