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Life is full of moments, big and small. And every moment makes its own contribution to our lives depending on the value we ascribe to it. What can seem like an insignificant moment can become life changing in the next breath. Have you ever been asked “Are you happy?” I admit, I have asked the question of others more than it has been asked of me. In my 20s I asked it because I brazenly thought I was happier than others and had something to teach them about the topic regardless of their response. In my 30s, I asked that question from a space of connection and trying to help the other person connect to what it all looked like for them, without my own personal agenda. But recently I was asked that very question, and I actually stopped to reflect on it rather than respond with my mood of the moment. I could easily recall the big moments and how they could be psychologically woven together in a way to create an answer. Yet, when I allowed myself to pause and be present, which for me involved physically stopping my body and mind from multi-tasking, I could feel the answer of “yes” coming from my recognition of all of the little moments. The shared laughs with my wife over the crazy things our kids do, the way my kids alternate holding my hand during dinner just because they want to feel our connection, the pause I give before I deliver a joke’s punchline, or simply hearing someone say “thank you” and letting myself feel their gratefulness. These little moments refill my bucket* and sustain me because I feel them on a cellular level. I can literally feel their impact.  The big moments are BIG and meaningful, of course. But I think the “BIG-ness” has me connecting to adrenaline and then going right to the “what’s next” without being fully present to the moment I am in.

I agree with this quote, and feel infinitely better when I am present. I know this to be true. So what gets in my way from experiencing more moments like this? ME.  Which is good news because when I am the problem, I can also be the solution. #katiecan

Always peace & love,

~ K

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