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My husband and I moved to Texas when he was just starting his medical school residency and I was a pregnant 22 year old.

In fact, Taylor Swift had just released her hit single ’22’ and my ‘old enough to lay an egg’ body with my ‘still a teenager’ soul would burst into tears EVERY-SINGLE-TIME that song came on. I wanted to dance, but I couldn’t see my feet. I was not feeling 22. I was more along the lines of feeling 32 (weeks pregnant.)

So, What’s a girl to do? EAT HER FEELINGS in ample amounts of WHATABURGER. DUH.

It only would make sense that 7 years later I would have a child who makes eating a WHATABURGER an actual sport.

Hence, my favorite birthday party to date! Y’all, this was such a fun party to plan!

I used these FUN Orange and White Balloons to create the orange and white balloon fest, some simple yellow fun noodles to create monstrous fries, and your local friendly Whataburger for catering! Cake-A-Holics cakes wins the BEST CAKE EVER prize with their genius and perfect and DELICIOUS cake.

And for all of you poor unfortunate souls who do not have Whataburger nearby, First let me give you my condolences, and second let me give you a consolation prize of, even though it will be less delicious I suppose you could do this whole theme with In-N-Out Burgers. Sacrilege, yes, but I can’t make Whataburger come to you and this is the best i’ve got for you.

3 thoughts on “One word. Well three words in one. WHATABURGER!

  1. Ashley Ramsay says:

    Where did u get the party hats from?


    1. themomwithwine says:

      I made them on my cricut. We are going to doing a tutorial very soon!


    2. themomwithwine says:

      I made them on my Cricut!


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