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My brain, from time to time, needs to sit down somewhere.

Recently, all I can think of are ‘This vs. That’ mashups- and the one I cannot let go of recently is Golden Girls

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times

Versus Designing Women. I have clocked many hours at The Round Up Saloon, Dallas’ Country Gay bar, and at least once a night back in my days before kids, the music stopped and a large screen rolled out of the ceiling to show Julia Sugarbaker’s monologue about ‘The Night the Lights went out IN GEORGIA’.

Photo Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Both gems were released in the mid 80’s and had really healthy television runs, both were wildly hysterical and cutting edge for the time tackling ‘heavy’ issues, but one of them has approximately 1000 etsy products and clothing articles that sell like hotcakes where as the other…. doesn’t. Golden Girls takes the win on current clothing sales.

One of my favorite things to ‘craft’ are handwritten letters, so I’ve made some Designing Women and Golden Girls postcards, both displaying some truly hilarious quotes from the Golden Age of television. These postcards are sized to mail at postcard rates if you cut on the line. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Post an image in the comment section or tag me in your creation at @suchprettyfaces on instagram or facebook.

Happy mailing!

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