Such Pretty Faces

A Space to Relate and Create

Hi, first time blogger here. A proper introduction seems appropriate. My name is Katie, and I am the mother of twin 4 year olds, a realtor, a social worker, and a wife. But these are just titles or descriptions of roles I have taken on. They don’t necessarily convey who I am. The answer to that is not fully known to me either, though I enjoy reading and meditating and soul searching to try and uncover it. What I know for now is that I am simply me, though I am hardly simple.

When my “non-biological but universally chosen” twin, Rebecca, told me her dreams for her blog and the space she wanted to create and share, I knew instantly I wanted to contribute. For her, naturally, but also for me. Because sharing my thoughts on a public forum is gutsy and scary and somewhat exhilarating. I can admit that the Katie from 10 years ago wouldn’t be taking such a leap, but the Katie I am today sometimes lets me push thru the “not good enough/not smart enough/not brave enough” self-talk. Perhaps you’ve had similar internal mantras, perhaps yours are different. Regardless, I am committed to writing and sharing whatever comes up for me, without reservation, and also creating the space for you to do the same. I am calling my contribution to this blog #katiecan because, well, I still need the reminder.

Always Peace & Love

~ K

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