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I have to tell you that I am a complete and total literary whack job.

I will read, essentially, everything. I have never met a book genre that I did not like. That said, I have very much read books in specific genres that I have a lot of opinions on the books and items that I read.

Y’all. I am such a literary whack job that, pre Covid, I travel to destinations to go to independent bookstores. You read that right. I would fly to a destination to load my carry on up with books to fly back home to read the books. We’ve even created a club and given it a name to support this- the Indie Nomad Bookclub.

In all fairness, I absolutely read the books while I was on vacation too….

Faulkner bookstore in NOLA, my last Nomad Bookstore Trip

My very first time to go to on a trip to an independent bookstore, we visited Parnassus books in Nashville, TN. Parnassus is a fantastic independent bookstore that is co owned by Author Ann Patchett.

Parnassus Books, photo courtesy of Shelf Awareness

The bookstore itself is a readers bookstore. If that’s your thing, you’ll love it and you should go as soon as it is safe to move about the country.

If you’ve never read anything by Ann Patchett, do I have a recommendation for you. Behold, her most recent short story. Ann Patchett is, in my humble opinion, one of the best living authors of our time. Her imagery is astounding, as if she paints a picture with every word.

This particular short story is about Sooki Raphael, who is the personal assistant to on screen legend, Tom Hanks. It is a beautiful piece. Give it a read- you won’t be sorry.

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